Advance your point of sale system

Already using or looking for a Microsoft RMS upgrade? We’ve got you covered. With Retail Management Hero the transition is seamless. The solution is based on the highly successful RMS system so keeping your data, existing hardware and anything else tied to your current system can be easily upgraded.

RMH includes all the features that retailers love in RMS, and many of the hot keys, for example, do the same in RMH as they do in RMS. Also, RMH supports the majority of the hardware supported by RMS, avoiding the expense of costly upgrades in IT infrastructure.


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Customer Issues vs. RMH Solutions


Retail Management Hero is built with similar core functionality

Continue your hardware investment

RMH will support same peripheral hardware used with Microsoft RMS upgrade

Retailers have industry specific needs

RMH is easily extendable and customizable

No access to internet? No problem!

RMH is an on-premise solution with offline capabilities


Tailored for Retail

Retailers will appreciate the added and enhanced functionality in RMH. For example, the RMH interface was completely rewritten for both the front office and back office. There are major improvements in the back office, especially to Purchase Order Processing, Inventory Control, and Accounts Receivable. RMH’s Advanced Accounts Receivable feature can manage individual and grouped accounts for families and groups of people. The POS includes user-defined color schemes, completely new technology that will be portable across platforms, as well as sophisticated SDK for developers to customize the solution both in the front and back office. There are also additional payment processors to RMH to facilitate global options for credit card / debit / other mobile wallet solutions.

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Support, training and marketing tools for partners.

All of the functionality in Microsoft Dynamics RMS

And much MORE




Payment Processing

Purchase order processing

Integrated EMV and PCI Compliance

Multiple languages, taxation regimes and currencies

Back office functionality

Sharpshooter report and label designer included as part of core system

Advanced accounts receivable with seperate customer and billing accounts

Customizable back office features

Seamless upgrade

Preserve hardware and training investment

Keep the same database across sales, client information and purchasing habits

Maintain the same or similar functionality and shortcuts as RMS

Deployment and new features

Built-in loyalty system

Improved label designer

Completely customizable and modern user interface (touch friendly)

Integrated to e-commerce platforms

On-premise with offline capabilites