3… 2… 1… Liftoff! After months of successful beta testing and partner training/certification opportunities, the time is finally here for the exciting worldwide launch of our new and complete point-of-sale software for the retail industry – Retail Management Hero (RMH)!

This is a must-attend webinar for anybody interested in selling RMH, transitioning from Microsoft Dynamics RMS to RMH, and/or looking for a new retail management system for their small-to-medium-sized business.

Attend this one-hour webinar, co-presented by the RMH product developers (Retail Realm and Retail Hero), and find out more about:

– The ‘Why’ of RMH, its origins and place in the market
– Key features and functions
– Comparisons to Microsoft Dynamics RMS and the easy migration process from RMS and POS2009
– Transitional issues from Microsoft
– Scalability and HQ
– Product download and installation
– List prices and licenses
– Credit card integration
– Partner add-ons (ecommerce, etc.)
– Training, support, documentation and tools
– Marketing collateral
– Q&A

Register today, and ‘like’ the RMH Facebook page at https://www you can try this out.facebook.com/retailmanagementhero.